In-Network Notification

Patient Notice: 
This facility is a participating provider with the following health plans:

Amerihealth - IBC, Keystone, and Personal Choice.
Amerihealth Medicare Advantage
Amerihealth 65
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Sheild- HMO/ PPO/ Federal/ Medicare
Horizon Casualty
Horizon NJ Health
Qualcare HMO/PPO/ Workers Comp
United Health Care- Hmo/PPO/ Medicare/ Community

Your physician’s professional services provided at the facility are not included in the facility’s charges. Additionally, physicians who provide services in the facility may or may not participate with the same health benefit plans as the facility. Patients should check with their physician arranging facility services to determine the health benefit plans in which the physician participates. For further consultation on service costs, patients should contact their insurance carrier. 

For your convenience, below is a list of service providers who are contracted with the facility to provide services during your visit, including anesthesia and pathology.

Rancocas Anesthesia
CBL Pathology
Doctors Pathology
Dianon Systems Pathology
Midwest Medical (compression stockings)
Bregg and United Ortho (crutches)